short curly fro-Boring?

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Well, I've been wearing a short (1-1.5 in.) curly fro since around February. I'm enjoying myself and seeing the little bit of growth and the curls starting to define. .

I was told today. ."Your 'fro WAS cute, but now I think it's time for a change. ."

I didn't feel like explaining it is changing, whether you can see it or not. .but how can I mix it up a little?

I can't cornrow, or I'd do that and I'm saving up money so I don't want to go to a salon ..

Does anybody tie their hair back? Do you use anything besides a scarf? My hair laughs in the face of headbands, not long enough for clips or ponytails. .

I suppose I could make a few changes, but not a "perm" as was suggested (he didn't mean that as an insult and I didn't take it that way).

Thanks. .
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  • earthlycoilearthlycoil Registered Users Posts: 71
    It sounds as if you were not considering changing until someone else suggested it. IMHO, you should keep rocking your fro the way you have been. Keep it in good health. It's winter, and no matter where you are, extreme weather is damaging to your hair. Although you haven't mentioned it, I wouldn't advise coloring. Some naturals think a splash of color is a good change, but a lot of people get damage with it. And with the cold, the combo may stress your hair out.

    With all of that said, if you want to change for YOU and not for some other person, why not play up the coil definition? You could also experiment with brushing out the coils, adding gel, and tying it down with a scarf for waves. Think Naima from ANTM. You could also brush it out, fro it and add a scarf for a mini puff.

    Enjoy your hair! :D
  • Indy0725Indy0725 Registered Users Posts: 9
    I'm trying to enhance curl definition, it continues to be trial and error and air drying. .. .in the winter it's hard to have wet hair for 6 hours!

    I did use up one of my products, so I have room for one more (decisions, decisions).

    I highlighted my hair twice this year, no problems (I had it professionally done). It's on the slate to do again, I was more inspired to play with it when it was all streaky, but I'm weird like that.

    I'd like to brush it out . .but it's dang near impossible with dry hair. If I wet it, then brush it. .it shrinks back up. I'm sure I have a pick somewhere. . ..

    I'd like to pin it back, but haven't found anything that will do .

    But I'll try, try again! Thanks
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    If the air drying time is holding you back, maybe you could invest in a diffuser. If you already have a dryer, maybe you can get a diffuser attachment to go with it or buy a diffuser sock from your local BSS.
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    sounded rather insulting to me... who just walks up to someone and tells them, "your style WAS cute, but now i think you need to change it?" :? perhaps you solicited his opinion... now that's a different story if you asked and he told you that.

    anyway, i'm sure he didn't mean for it to be an insult, but it was rather rude. that's not the point anyway.

    when my hair was about your length, i used these big fat cotton headbands i bought at Wal-Mart to actually smush the front curls down (it was also thick enough to absorb the water that was running off my head). then when my hair was dry, the front curls were looser like waves. i then could throw on a regular headband. maybe that would help for a different look?

    you could use a wave cap or something for all-over waves. i never tried that when my hair was short but i bet it could be cute if done right. :wink:

    i like earthycoil's other suggestions too. hopefully you'll find something that works for you.
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    i stick with the description "OS thready thick"

    my curly fro now is at collarbone when straightened.... basically the length i had when i started transitioning! hooray for growth!!! =)
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    When my hair was really short, I did rollersets with the tiny blue rollers. It's fairly easy to do and a nice change.
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  • _Analyze__Analyze_ Registered Users Posts: 61
    i sometimes keep mine in a fro, and when i do people always try to put me down by saying, "this aint the 70's"...yea its funny, but i love when i wear my fro!
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  • wilykatwilykat Registered Users Posts: 108
    anybody who suggest a relaxer is not someone who i get my hair advice from. anyway, when my hair was short like that i would just do a curly style with gel. sometimes for spice, i would add a hair clip or two in the front, the tiny ones. i would use the butterfly clips or the barrettes like gymnast use. sometimes i woud part it on the side and clip it or in the middle and clip it. it was/is cute and is good for a change.

    i also use scarves as well. i have three square shaped polyester scarves. i fold them down and tie around my head just the pull the hair off my face a little. sometimes having the hair off your face makes a big difference. i also found that if i use an elastic headband, the super big ones - i double them up, it works too but they can be kinda tight aound my big ole' head. :wink:

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    How about using different accessories like flowers, small clips etc...? Who told you 'you're 'fro was cute?' Is he a family member or friend?
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    ive been natural a year and have had my hair cut short the entire time. just recently i experimented w comb coils and a picked out fro. i enjoyed both! but, i think i just love short hair. although ive decided to....i really dont want to grow out of my cut. :oops:
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    Sorry I dropped out for a while!

    THanks guys, I guess I just need to look for better accesories, I need some really really good clips to hold my hair back, regular ones just don't seem to do.

    Anyone use small metal clips? like the butterfly plastic ones? I can't find any metal ones like that. .

    Msjoker, you asked if he was family or a friend, he's a friend.
    Someone else said they wouldn't take advice from somone who suggests a relaxer. He didn't suggest it because straight is better, that was his suggestion for a 'change'. I told him that wasn't about to happen.

    I knoww him well enough to know he was trying to be helpful, even though he seems like a jerk, lol. But he did have a bit of a point. .
    Indigo, holding it down for the 4a's(with a little 4b in the front)

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