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So, after 25 years, I finally am truly embracing me and my hair. I guess I am a 3b...I will share a picture one day. But my main issue is finding a stylist who will embrace my hair as I have. I used to try product after product after product...all to no avail. I think I am good on products, but I am still searching for a stylist. I have long hair (mid-back when straightened) and I want the flexibility to go "natural" or "straight" when I chose, but not lose my length or fullness. I live in Charlotte, I have seen several salons recommended, but I am African-American and a little nervous about going to a non-Afro-American salon or stylist. I am looking for a stylist who can embrace my hair and give me some good tips and everyday styles in the process...Can anyone help a sista out???

And another thing...does anyone out there have a problem with one side of your hair looking fabulously curly and the other side looking straight? Any tips???