Stylist Rec: Rachel @ Ulta in Rockaway, NJ

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I just got a Deva cut two days ago by Rachel in the Ulta in Rockaway, NJ. It was awesome! I've never had a major styling where I walked away happy nevermind thrilled with the results. A major first for me.

I found her through the Deva Concepts salon finder. Originally I was planning a consultation only but I ended up getting a cut. She had time & I really needed it. She's a curly & her hair is so cute. I'd say 2c/3a range. She uses Deva products personally & gets Deva cuts from her SIL (Deva trained as well in Bedminster) The only drawback is that Ulta is a Redken salon so I'll bring my own cone free condish next time. Yep- I'll definitely be going back to her.

She warned me in advance that there would be a good bit of hair getting cut to achieve the layers I needed in the back. I was so scared to see so much hair falling to the floor but as she cut, my hair sprang to life. It was amazing! It looked so much better even before she styled it. It looks exactly as I wanted it to.

Afterward, she gave me great tips for styling.
1-Use lots of product. She put 4 palm-sized blobs of Angell in my hair. More than I would have used but it worked great. Not too producty either.
2-Diffusing too early can cause frizz. She advised that I wait until the product has had a chance to set my curls before I start diffusing. I tried it at home & she's right- much less frizz.

She gets a thumbs-up from me!
3a/b mix


  • JoanwitzJoanwitz Registered Users Posts: 6
    Has anyone else used Rachel for a curly hair cut? Looking for a salon/person in northwest NJ

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