Should i do it or not?

sednique009sednique009 Registered Users Posts: 18
I'm so sick of my hair.i really hate it.i went natural last year after removing microbraids and it's been hell hair is mostly wavy and i would really love spiral curls.there's only one issue,i'm african american with thick wavy hair.i don't know if a spiral perm will work on me and i can't find any women that have had a spiral perm.i've tried every product known to man(missjessies,kinky curly)nothing works.i don't want straight hair,i just want curly hair.should i go with the perm or not?
help my hair


  • caramelcutieinvacaramelcutieinva Registered Users Posts: 27
    have you tried styling options to get it in sprial curls
    (i.e. flexi rods, curlformers or perm rods)?
    3c with a bit of 3B I think - Hair Type
    Thick hair with a medium strand - Hair Texture
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  • bbbeccabbbecca Banned Banned Users Posts: 232
    Spiral perm might look weird on kinky hair, maybe a texturizer? Also as the previous poster suggested try rollers or heat.

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