Updated pics

ImaraImara Registered Users Posts: 28
I posted a couple of new pics in my album. Nothing special but check it out :P


PW: Hair
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  • AmberWavesAmberWaves Registered Users Posts: 231
    It's been a long time!!!
  • hairhealthhairhealth Registered Users Posts: 90
    Great to see. Nice photos, always good to hear from naturals I remember when I was trying to get the groove of going natural :)
    growout from baldy since 10/11
    modified cg; cones & mild sulfate 'poo
    -cowash: fave 2: vo5 strawberry
    -rinseout:herbal essencesbodyenvy;color mehappy
    -leave in: infusium 23 repair/renew spray
    -dc: gvp conditioning balm

    www.fotki.com/browncoily :toothy4:
  • CurlilocsCurlilocs Registered Users Posts: 821
    Pretty twist out! Thanks for sharing!
    Free your Mind and your Hair will Follow :)
    Curli's pics
    album pw: bangz
  • jcce23jcce23 Registered Users Posts: 91
    1 yr 4 mths natural; type 4a CF iii
    My hair pics!
    BC: 8/6/05
  • susususu Registered Users Posts: 767 Curl Connoisseur
    Nice pics - your twist-out came out great!

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