Can you dye your hair when it's wet or does it inhibit color uptake?

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just wondering...


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    I think it depends what you are dying it with.
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    Riot Crrl wrote: »
    I think it depends what you are dying it with.

    I'm going to use Color Charms and 20 volume developer. My henna hasn't arrived yet and I have a job interview that I can't go to with these roots!

    I've heard that you should use dry hair because it will be more porous so the dye will take better and I've heard you can do it wet to help the color distribute better.

    Basically I have to wash my hair before I color because I havbe a bunch of leftover oil in it from a DT, I'm just trying to eliminate the step of drying it before I color if I can....
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    Hmm, here's the package instructions.

    "Color Charm
    is applied to dry hair. DO NOT pre-shampoo unless
    hair is soiled. If a shampoo is necessary, DO NOT rub or irritate scalp.
    Be sure to eliminate excess moisture prior to color application."

    Lol, soiled. Rhymes with oiled. I dunno, they're making it sound like maybe towel dried or something is OK.
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    You're awesome, thanks for your help!

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