CurlyBOY (gasp!), New To Paris

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Hi All –

I'm a very thick-haired 2C/3A curlyboy who just moved from Chicago to Paris, and the clock is ticking on my product and need for a stylist. I currently use Aveda Shampure every 7-10 days lightly (on just the scalp) and the Brilliant Conditioner daily. I finish with the Brilliant Texturizing Gel after towel drying and separating the curls out, let it dry for about 90 mins, and "crunch" it out, which keeps me more in the 3A category than 2C.

At any rate, I'm within 2-3 weeks of needing a stylist, and will be out of the product I brought with me in about a month. Can any of you Eurocurlies help a lad in need and suggest stylists and local products (Aveda price range is OK) that I can easily find? I'd really hate to cut off my curls. Feel free to critique my technique as well. Thanks in advance.

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