Ohmigod! I'm so glad you're here!

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You have no idea how glad I am that this web site and discussion forum is here. I never thought I'd find a place where others understood about my curly hair. I'm a 3B according to the types listed... really curly and thick but with soft curls that eventually sag.

I've tried all the salong stuff but the only thing that doesn't build up or dry me out it Infusium's line. I sent for Ouidad's sampler today (and a t-shirt from this web site!). I couldn't be happy to find this place.


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    I forgot to mention that I found this web site through the Mode magazine site, which I also adore.
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    Pun'kin, welcome! We're glad to have you. I'm glad you've found us.

    And thanks for mentioning where you saw us; we didn't know we'd been mentioned in Mode. We'll have to get a copy!
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    I got the link from modemag.com not the magazine itself. I haven't tried the magazine to see if it has the web site listed in it although I have the issue.
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    Just wanted to tell you that I received my T-shirt yesterday and wore it Xmas shopping and got all kinds of people saying, "Is that a real web-site? I can't believe it!" "I'm going on there as soon as I get home."

    They all wanted to know more about it and asked me great questions like what's on the site and if such-and-such kind of info was there.

    I'm doing my best to spread the world. I've told all the curly-girls at my office about it and a couple of them have already visited the site so far.

    It's been a few weeks of checking the forums daily and I've gotten a few sample packs from product suppliers and found out where I can get them here in Toronto. I've been experimenting without any totally disastrous results yet.

    I'm still very glad you're here! Thanks again!
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    Yeah! I'm glad you like the shirt. And thanks for showing it off all over town! We apprciate the help in spreading the word.

    Happy holidays!
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    No problem for spreading the word, but honestly, I've never seen such a lively bulletin board discussion group. It seems you really are hopping without help from me, but I'm trying to pass on the good "gospel" about your site because (I know this sounds so lame) it's really changed my life.

    Finally, I don't feel alone with my curls and there are people I can ask questions to that have been there - done that. I can talk about my experiences and people know what the heck I'm talking about. I can try and experiment with new products and say which ones work and which ones don't and somebody out there is actually giving a **** for a change.

    Of all the things out there on the web, this is one of only two things (aside from my e-mail) that I visit daily. The other one is a site with another UBB board and it's sexilicious.com about female sexuality.

    Thanks again for being here,
    Dana (Pun'kin)

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