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Hi everybody. This might be a repetative question but I wanted to know what type of results did you get after trying the curly girl rutine. I thought it would be a good idea to ask women who had the same hair type as me. The mojority of my hair is 4b and the back is 4a. I am at the end of my first week. So far so good.


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    Hello and welcome. :)

    I tried the curly girl routine strictly for about one month before I broke down and shampooed. I found that for my hair, I was using heavier products including oils and such, my hair was beginning to feel weighed down and I had to have some soap in it! Once I shampood, I reverted back to not being so strict about the cones (I fell of the wagon and have stayed off). The main thing that I got from the CG book is the need for moisture; I am a true moisture junkie, and while I'm not strictly on the CG routine, I do condition wash every 2 to 3 days and I use shampoo every 7 to 14 days depending upon how much build up I feel I have.

    I guess finally to answer your question, the CG routine didn't really work for me because the heavier products that I use call for me to use shampoo. There are shampoos out there that aren't as harsh on the hair as the traditional sodium lauryl sulfate ones.

    Having said all of that, there are 4a and 4b curlies out there who do the CG routine with excellent results.
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    i found that by cowashing my hair with a good conditioner (cheap ones do nothing for me) my hair just got curlier and curlier and the frizz factor went down. i only shampoo if i get some product in my hair that it doesn't like. other than that i pretty much don't do shampoo. when i shampoo my hair, i loose the curl for some reason. and if i need to shampoo, i really need to shampoo so no low poo or moisture rich shampoo. i need somthing that will strip everything out of my hair.

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    The curly girl routine was not for me. I tried it with Suave conditioners and yeah, I saw more curls but I didn't like the way my hair felt over-conditioned. Now, I shampoo about once a week and see the same curls - they just feel naked instead of coated.
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    Do a better job of covering your stinky aliass.

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