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How often do you take days off of working out? How many days do you workout consecutively? I have worked out everyday (ran & lifted weights) since last Friday (4th) and it is now Thursday. Should I take a day off? I am going to be taking at least Saturday off, so I was wondering, how much is too much?


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    I do cardio in some form almost every day. Strength training I try to get in 3 times but often it's only twice.

    That being said, if I feel like taking a day off I take a day off.

    The only thing I've really been told about rest is that muscles need 48 hrs to recover from strength training.
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    Agree -- muscles need the day off to repair and build themselves. If you weight train every day, do lower body one day and upper body the next.

    Cardio and stretching can be done every day.
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    I concur. I do some form of cardio daily. I strength train every other day MWF and rarely take a day off cardio. The way I see it, if you feel ok and have no health issues then by all means go get 'em...If I take a day off it's usually a day like today, I'll do my weight lifting but probably no cardio because I'm seriously PMS bloated and there's nothing I hate more than doing cardio while I'm super bloated. :angry7: It makes me feel like no matter how much I do I still feel gross and fat when I'm done...blah. So today is going to be a no cardio day:tongue5:
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