jazzi erika jazzi erika Registered Users Posts: 14
Today I just want to pull my hair out!!!!!!!! My hair is really weird it is super curly is the front but loose waves in the back and my hair is a light blonde in the front but in the back it is a dark blonde so I never know what to do with my hair. And today I made the mistake of combing my hair while it a was dry and it became a mess of separate pieces of hair instead of curls. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!! Does anybody else have this problem?


  • flyt14flyt14 Registered Users Posts: 6
    I hear you girl! My hair looks bleached in the front, dark in the back, has soft wave-things in the back and is corkscrew and slightly frizzy in the front. Remind you of your hair? I'm still refining the technique but here's what I do:
    After my shower I use straightening balm in the very front to smooth out the front frizzies. Then plop for 20-ish minutes(or until fairly dry) then spray some shine/holder and you've got curls! Hope I helped!

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