What is wrong with me?

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Hi everyone, I'm having several issues with my hair and I'm pretty lost as to how to deal with them and I'm hoping you experienced people will be able to help me out :)

I'm 20 and I started trying out organic shampoos and conditioners and finger combing only with conditioner in my hair. The result was I started dropping alot of hair (much more than I used to when I was combing it dry and using SLS shampoos) and my hair got significantly thinner. I then stopped finger combing my wet hair but continued with the conditioner and shampoo, the hair loss didn't really stop. My mum who also has naturally curly hair like mine experienced the same thing. I went back to using SLS containing shampoo and conditioner I did previously and stopped combing my hair altogether out of fear :sad8: and started putting on olive oil. It worked for me, I stopped losing as much hair. I think it's mainly going back to my original SLS shampoo and conditioner. Am I chemically sensitive or something? So strange.. It seems like even gel causes my hair to start falling.

So after days of not combing my hair, I finally decided to comb it today when it was dry. I lost 80 hairs or thereabouts, must be all that tangles. Do you'll think that I should just detangle my hair with a wide-toothed comb while it's dry before going into the shower to condition next time?

And also I'm getting a little worried, the crown of my head appears to have a wider parting when its soaking wet. But once my hair dries it goes back to being pretty normal again. Is it accurate to judge hair loss by looking at my hair when it's wet?

I think I really need to visit the doctor soon, or this worry about my hair is just going to cause more hairfall. Sigh

Really appreciate any advice you'll can give TIA!


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    Isn't normal daily hair loss around 100? I would talk to your doctor if you feel that it's excessive but a bit of loss is normal and it always looks worse when you don't comb for a few days (the theory being that it gets caught in the curls instead of falling right out like with the straighties).

    I lose quite a bit each time I wash (every few days). But when I do it daily it's not really bad.
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    Hmmm. Well I know that when you're not brushing curly hair as much, and then you go into the shower and comb through some conditioner, a lot of hair can suddenly appear in your drain. It's because when you're hair is curly, you have to physically remove the hair. It doesn't shed as easilly as when you brush it out and wear it wavy (if that makes sense.) I used to brush my hair when it was dry, and I'd accumulate hair in my brush like everyone else. Now the only time my hair comes out is in the shower, when I comb it with a fine tooth comb. (It's actually not comeing out because of combing. It has already loosened from the root, but it's kind of suspended in our mops till we comb again!)

    I haven't heard of hair loss due to changing a shampoo, so I can't comment on that one. Sometimes things you're going through health wise, or your stress or eating patterns can effect the rate that your hair sheds. My hair naturally sheds more during certain times of the year than others. Also, I have a thyroid problem, and in the past when my medication was off, I'd notice more shedding (among other things.)

    Anyway...hope this helps!!
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    My hair falls out more if I use a product I have an allergy to. But my scalp also has an itchy burny sensation. SLS is one of the things I have a problem with! But I am using a super natural product at the moment and I think there is something in there that my head doesn't like as after a week it is very ouchy again, so natural isn't always better!
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    hi guys, thanks for your inputs! The other time when I said I was losing lots of hair with a certain conditioner, it was an all natural conditioner too. So yup, agreed natural isn't always better!

    Although I'm quite at peace with the amount of hair i'm losing now that I've made some changes, I'm still kind of worried cos I've a natural centre-parting and the areas surrounding the parting have become pretty thin, up to the point that I see little patches when my hair's wet! So I've decided to see the doctor next week.
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    my hair started to do that at your age, after my son was born. it is very very thin now, I am almost 40. :sad8:

    I think mine is hormone-related and hereditary. The only thing a dermatologist offered me is Rogaine, which helped me keep what I had left for a while but I couldn't stand the way it made my scalp feel. I wish I had used it earlier to have kept it while I had it, but it was prescription only back when I was your age.
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    Hi! I've decided to post to provide a more closure effect to this thread :)

    no actually, I really wanted to update those who've been reading this just in case some of you are going through a similar situation. It's been 7 months or so since I last posted and since my hair loss started giving me a hard time. I've been through 2 blood tests and 2 visits to the dermatologist. The verdict: I'm perfectly healthy and my hairloss is "heriditary", although I'm still trying to figure out which side of the family I got this from. My mom is 51 and has a head full of curly up till her back and my dad started only started visibly balding 2 or 3 yrs back. Sigh, some kind of silent gene must have been passed on to me from one of them. Anyway, I've been using 2% minoxidil for 1 month or so and my hair loss has slowed down quite a bit, although there are still days where they decide to retaliate. The dermatologist told me it'll take 4 months or so to really significantly improve. I'm praying it will. I've not cut my hair for 10 months and the back has not grown beyond my neck and the sides are just touching my shoulders. I'm constantly reminding myself to be grateful for what I have but just wondering if you guys have any tips for growing it, w/o any harsh conditioners etc. The only products that my hair likes are oils and that's all I put onto my hair. thanks!

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