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CheeksCheeks Registered Users Posts: 4
Hi All

Has anyone tried the Billy Blanks Boot Camp DVD's? I have just bought them and started to do the recommended schedule......

Would love to hear of any success (or non success!!) stories!

I am reasonably fit to begin with (run about 5km 2-3 times a week) but I did find the DVD hard to keep up with. Not from a cardio point of view, but from a strength one. You get 'billybands' with it and I found these really hard to keep up with as my arms are my weakest part!! Also I have a pathetically weak stomach and so I was totally useless at the abs section!!!

Oh well, here's hoping that if I keep going I will fit into my party outfit for the office Christmas party!!

Cheeks x


  • zahrazahra Registered Users Posts: 202
    Hey, I was just wondering how it worked out for you? I was thinking of ordering the DVDs. Im pretty out of shape my self. I only have 10 pounds to lose but I get winded easy.:)
    3c and 4a. DevaCurl No Poo, Curls Milkshake and Souffle. BC in April 2007.
  • HairQuestHairQuest Registered Users Posts: 9
    I have it but do not care for it, I prefer the advanced tae bo from his first dvd set. I hate the rope and the routines are just grrrrr, but the ab bootcamp is no joke :shock: :D
    3c and frizzy :roll: :lol:
  • PJsMomPJsMom Registered Users Posts: 173
    the boot camp abs video, I really like..I own the original taebo, but wanted a little more, this is a decent video

    BC - 25 July 2006
  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Registered Users Posts: 2,369
    I had better results with my 90s tae bo crunch tape.
    3b-3c CG

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