How do you guys put your hair in a ponytail?

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I'll be starting work soon at McDonalds :glasses9: and I have to wear my hair up, obviously. I'm also doing this summer theater intensive workshop where we dance a lot, and I have to put my hair up for that.

I used to wear my hair up everyday when I was younger, but I had a LOT less hair then. I'm a 3c with an unbelievable amount of hair. I can't comb or brush my hair back I have so much :cry:, I have to spit it down the middle and comb the sides. This creates a part, obviously, and I don't want a part when I put up my hair because it looks weird. :thumbdown:

I've tried re-wetting my hair, putting product in it and then trying to put it up, I've tried combing my hair while my heads upside down, I've tried putting it up right out of the shower, nothing works. My hair always gets ratty and the hair thats like on my head not in the ponytail gets all bumpy.

Sorry for the sort of long post, but this is quite important. How do you guys do it? :dontknow:
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    OMG!! I have the exact same problem!!! I always wonder how people can get there hair into a decent ponytail!! The only thing I have found that works is to brush (eeekkk I know) my hair back so there isn't a part the MINUTE I get out of the shower, then put it up. My curls look really bad and frizzy and not as curly, but at leats its in a ponytail... But I have no idea how to go about putting my hair back without a part if my hair is dry... can anyone help us?? :)
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    Pics of my hair...
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    haha-i work at Mc donalds now. My hair is a 3c(i think) and its just to the bottom of my neck. I have found that if i co wash my hair and let ir dry and then try to put it up-it doesnt work so well-but if i have had my hair up for more than a day, the curls stretch and its a lot better. I have to wear a hat and Mc donalds anyway...
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    I have 3b hair and when i put my hair in a pony tail i usually have it wet first. if i don't thin i just have it parted off to the side and put it back. then it looks weird when it poofs out in the back so i use another ponytail and put it in a messy bun. hope this helps!:toothy7: -Cailin
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    I'm not a teen, but I WATCHED a teen at my daughter's school put her hair up into a ponytail - without a mirror (gasp!!) and it looked absolutely great! She's a curly but not as curly as me. Anyway, what she did was turn her head upside down and just gather all of her hair into what would be a high ponytail, put her ponytailer in, stand up, and voila! I've tried this at home and it actually works on the 1st try almost every time. I use a hard hold gel and my part is "there to stay". But, using this method, it goes away. Hope this helps ya a little bit. I know it can be frustrating.

    ETA: I CANNOT put my hair up when it's wet, like the previous posters....oh Dear Lord!!! Talk about scary!! ha ha ha. I wish I could, though, and you should probably try that 1st. Life would just be so much easier!!!!!
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  • ava.nemieava.nemie Registered Users Posts: 9
    Yeap. Like the girl above me said. I have to put mine up when its wet. If i put it up when its dry, I make a low ponytail, and stick on a cute headband : )
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    Check out I learned off there. hope this helps.
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    Flip your head upside down, gather all your hair together and flip rightside up. If you have any funky looking bumps, pull it out of the ponytail and pull it back flat and put it into the ponytail again. Then tie and you're done. Sometimes I'll use a spray gel on the pony if I've got excessive frizz. For frizz in the front, I settle with a headband.
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    I wear my hair in a ponytail alot. It depends tho like if my hair is down and curly and i want it up I put gel in in the front to hold down the curls and then brush it so its not dry but its wet from the gel wich makes is easy. it helps me. And then I may but i swoop in my hair i use gel for that to. I use like 4 ponytails i have thick hair
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    I just brush back the top half in the center. Then I hold that back while brushing the right side back. And I hold that in my non-dominant hand. Then I do the same for the left side. Any bumps in between the 3 sections I sort of just brush back. Then once its all smooth I carefully put it in the ponytail.
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  • hoopsloopshoopsloops Registered Users Posts: 9
    I use slides that are the same colour as my hair to hold back the wierd bits that spring out and give it a little bit of volume, or put it in a really thin hairband first, good luck : )
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    what i do is i finger comb my hair back so there is no part
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    wut i do is condition daily, and while ur in the shower, let the condtioner sit in for like 3-5 mins. have a wide tooth comb or vent brush in the shower with u and comb through with the conditioner. BE SURE TO START AT THE ENDS OF UR HAIR. wen u start at the roots, its easier for ur hair to come out. plus its just easier comb from the ends to the roots. i have alot of hair too so i part my hair down the middle and comb through 2 sides at a time.

    make sure u completely rinsed out the conditioner and wen u get out put some mosturizer/gel in ur hair and put it in a ponytail:]
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    I hate ponytails, it starts out looking great, but then it's suddenly puffy :(
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    Ugh the dreaded ponytail... I try to wear these as little as often, for obvious reasons. Anyways, I have really really thick 3b-c hair and here's what I do:

    stretch the hair thingy on your fingers and flip head upside down. then push hair through the hair thing and wrap it around again. (for higher ponytails)


    If you want a lower ponytail, don't flip, and gather hair in back with hands (SQUEEZE!!) and do the same thing (as above) with the hair thing.

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    I always have to wet my hair a little and comb it up with a wide-tooth comb. If you dont want to comb or brush, maybe you can just use ur fingers, but since u have so much hair, that might be super hard! You could always opt for a low pony instead
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    I wear ponytails a lot to school (especially if my hair isn't looking its best down). I don't know, everybody is saying how hard and dreaded the ponytail is, but for me, I just leave my bangish things out and gather all of my (dry) hair into a ponytail. Usually it ends up somewhere in the middle of a low pony and a high one. if you can't have bangs or any hair out for work, just use a bobby pin or clip to pull them back on the top of your head. hope this helped! :toothy10:
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    OMG!! I have the exact same problem!!! I always wonder how people can get there hair into a decent ponytail!! The only thing I have found that works is to brush (eeekkk I know) my hair back so there isn't a part the MINUTE I get out of the shower, then put it up. My curls look really bad and frizzy and not as curly, but at leats its in a ponytail... But I have no idea how to go about putting my hair back without a part if my hair is dry... can anyone help us?? :)
    you have really pretty hair!
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