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Hey gals, well I went to get Dual & Tizz and they were out of Tizz!!! I would have went other places but with the recouperating knee, that was out.

Anyway I did get the Gel+water, but instead of tizz, I got the Dual antifrizz cream+leave in, I will be trying that this week and giving feedback. Do you all think this will do any good, has anyone tried this?

Man I am so bummed about the Tizz :(
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  • SunderellaSunderella Registered Users Posts: 89
    UUUUUHHHHHGGGGGGGG, this combo did NOT work at all, I may try it a couple of different ways and I will try the gel with my Boots, hmmm maybe the Boots has me spoiled!
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    Hey there! If you really want to try to the AAC combo, you can get the Tizz on drugstore.com. They have it and you won't have to worry about going anywhere with your knee. I hope your knee feels better soon. And I hope you'll like that combo. I just love it.
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