Pakistan or Rajasthan Henna?

ibraidhairibraidhair Posts: 343Registered Users
I got samples of both from mehandi. Pakistan seemed to make a smoother paste than Rajasthan. The color results were about the same on my hair, so I was going to order the smoother one. When getting ready to order, I just noticed that their website says Pakistan is a more coarse sift than Rajasthan. This doesn't add up.

Does anyone have any experience with these types?


  • Curly Girl FlaCurly Girl Fla Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I've done 4 hennas now using the Jamila from Pakistan purchased at, and it is very smooth-seems fine-sifted to me. I actually make a thicker paste than most, I think, to avoid it running down my head when I sleep, and it's still fairly smooth. I never tried the Rajasthan, though. I did put an order in today for the one they say is for AA hair with the finest sift. Catherine said the dye content is only negligibly different than Yemen (which is what I was going to order), but it's more gentle on the hair and easier to rinse because of the sift. I am curious about the Rajasthan now, too.
  • ibraidhairibraidhair Posts: 343Registered Users
    I got a sample of the African one too. It was extremely smooth. I was going to use either it or the Pakistan one because the finer sift is gentler on hair and easier to rinse. I may end up going with the African one even though I was trying to keep the cost down.

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