my hair is so cotton candy like !

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:cry: My hair is only chin length and even with BRHG, it still feels like poofy, cotton candy hair. I don't want to apply any more gel . Maybe I should leave more condish in ? I've been using some kind of Loreal conditioner for dry, rebellious hair (that's me!!) I was using Curl Junkie leave in conditioner but it's not helping.I tried Sabino gel..yechh! Maybe I should switch to a cream ?any ideas ?

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    I really do sympathise with you,

    Although I don't have curly hair my daughter has 2c wavy/curly hair and I can only describe the texture as frizzy cotton candy! it's also really dry I have just started trying the CG routine on her hair yesterday, I just hope this will improve her hairs texture

    Hae you thought about going shampoo-less and only co-washing?

    Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair

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    If it feels like poofy, cotton candy and you're not getting a lot of crunch with the BRHG, it almost sounds like you might less leave-in or a lighter one.
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    I have poofy, cotton candy, baby hair. I cannot over condition, this will make it too soft and cotton candy like. I have to use something for volume and something for hold. I do not use a leave in conditioner. I have several things that work right now. I like the Jessicurl products, the Devacurl products, and since summer is here I have been using CK then BRHG. I usually have to use a low-poo or gentle shampoo, then conditioner whenever I get my hair wet. I usually cannot cowash only, it make my hair limp. I wash hair about every 3rd day. Good luck.
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    My hair has a tendency to get very cotton candyish. I'm dealing with it right now. I think I need to cut back on how often I've been co-washing or use a lighter conditioner. I get overconditioned very easily.
    Sometimes leave in can also leave my hair puffy and too soft.
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