Messy Sleepers

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I've been really, really lazy these past few days and I haven't tied my hair up at night like I usually do and I'm a very messy sleeper. Even though my hair is kinda mashed when I wake up, I like how it looks and I just fluff it out to make it bigger. Are there any other messy sleepers who like their hair when they wake up?
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    I just recently started sleeping with a scarf again! I thought that being natural meant you didn't have to. But I use a satin pillowcase, so whatever. I like how my twisted hair looks shen I wake up, all smooshy on the sides but full in the back and top, like a mohawk. A little fluffing and I'm ready to go!
    CGNYC wrote:
    Oh y'all, that's just her crazy showing.
    Trenellm wrote:
    I guess lying on my back, in the middle of a studio, breathing and making vowel sounds for an hour for two years paid off. :)
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    I wear a scarf & am STILL a messy sleeper. Sometimes I wake up and the scarf is no where near my head!
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    I am a messy sleeper too. I hate sleeping with a scarf. So I just use my silk pillowcase. When I wake up I fluff add a scarf or headband and go some mornings. On other mornings I either wash or moisten with wet hands in the shower.
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    Im a messy sleeper scarf falls off every night
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