Looking for natural dye for dark brown

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After having a terrible mishap with boxed perm auburn hair dye (my hair still shows a nasty coppery tinge about an inch down and feels like hay in some areas), I'm looking for a natural, non-ammonia-based hairdye. Something semi-perm or perm. I've never used Henna and have no idea where to look for it, sides, I'm trying to find something for the brown in my hair right now (was considering red for a little while, maybe later).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have small amounts of white/silver on my temples and right at the top of my head in my part.


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    You might want to look at Color by Robert Craig. www.robertcraig.com He has some nice dark browns. But even if you want dark brown hair, choose a color a little lighter (even a few shades) because it will go darker on porous hair. :)
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    Henna + indigo = browns and blacks. But it takes research and experimentation. Something like Robert Craig might be a more painless option.

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