Wavy girl wants Shakira Hair!

apinklimeapinklime Registered Users Posts: 22
Anyone have a good recipe for me? I see that you go w/o shampoo, but how come when I go w/.o conditioner my hair curls better? My hair is naturally pretty wavy and sometimes it curls, depends on the day and all of that. I used to use Got-2-b vivacious curl spray and I loved it, cept it was a lil frizzy now I can't find it anywhere! I need to find something to curl my hair up better w/o using a curling iron and works in 95* humid temps. Any ideas? :D I'm going to a camp for a week and want to find a way to keep my hair curly w/o doing much to it!!


  • curlygirl8curlygirl8 Registered Users Posts: 26
    it just so happens that I have got2be curl vacious spray 75% full and I have been wanting to trade it for months I thought maybe you might want it.

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