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Hi Ladies,
I am in dire need of a deep condition. I bought some Molasses and Olive Oil last night at Wal Mart (* i love that place *) to do one but I ran out of time last night. However, this morning when I got in the shower to condish rinse like my horror, all of my coditioner was gone. So....I just went and got the olive oil and molasses from the kitchen. After I wet my hair, I saturated with olive oil and molasses (I used roughly 1/3 molasses), combed it through, and then rinsed. Once I brused in my leave in, jojoba oil, and gel my hair looked weird. It was very very soft, but stringy. I was still curly, but the curls were stringy. Like, my curls were waaay more curly and my hair looked more like an afro. Normally when I wet brush my hair kind of "bonds" together and then slowly waves up and curls on it's own. This time it didn't "bond." It seemed like each piece of hair curled on its own. I hope I'm making sense. Anyhow, I diffused it but it looked awful. I took some pics but they won't be up until tomorrow. So I just wet it and threw it in a pony tail.

The olive oil and molasses made my hair soft and really shiny but, I'm sure I shouldn't have condish washed with it in the first place. Now, I'm kind of nervous to do a DT. Does anyone have any tips, techniques, comments, or whatever on DTs with honey/molasses, olive oil, and other stuff? I'm using molasses because my hair is already light in the front. If I used honey, I'd be blonde.

Please comment....Please help....I've read rave reviews on honey and oils in DTing.
Yooooo! ;-) Coily and Springy 3c!
Major PJ! Redken All Soft Conditioner & Biosilk Silk Therapy are my favorites!!

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