Awkward Transitioning Hair?

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Hey guys!

Well, for the first time since i was BORN, i have finally decided that I LIKE my hair. : )

Sooo, i went for the BC and now I have a very halle berry-esque hair style. : ) I REALLY like it, but I suppose I'm kind of freaking out a bit when I start to grow it out. My goal is, of course, that seemingly unnatainable BS length when curly XD but I guess I want to know if anyone has any advice on how to tend to it while it awkwardly grows out.

My stylist said to mold a cut as it grows, but I'm still unsure as to when to go in for my next trim. Any tips?
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    Beautiful hair! I did the BC last December after chemically straightening for 8 years. I am now growing it out too. I have found that key for me is tending to my hair from the inside out. Nutrition and good supplementation has helped me to maintain an average of a half inch of growth per month. No heat, no shampoos with sulfates and I sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent damage to the hair when I sleep on it. (bought it at

    I have 3b curl so even though it is growing well and is very healthy, the shrinkage always discourages me. It looks its best at 80% dry. The last 20% is brutal shrinkage!

    A great stylist is a godsend. She can help to make the trouble spots not so troublesome. Go as often as you need to. When I feel frustrated, it is usually time to see my stylist.

    The last thing (and the hardest) is patience! Be kind to yourself. Have fun experimenting with products and techniques you learn about on this site and love your natural curls!:blob7: Good luck!:icescream:
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