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Hello everyone! I used to be VERY active on this board until about two years ago when I moved to Germany. Since then, I "tex-laxed" my hair (I'm thinking this means using a relaxer to texturize?) with Elucence's relaxer and had pretty okay results.

For the past year, I've been wearing lace wigs (which are FABULOUS!) and haven't processed the 5-8 inches of new growth. (Oi...my arms hurt thinking about combing it...)

Anyways, I was originally psyched on the Just For Me Texture Softener (not left on as long as the box states) and the Hair Rules products but I haven't really heard proof positive reviews regarding either (except the mysterious Clarice and Variety...)

Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a tex-lax? I was thinking about trying Hawaiian Silky??

Thoughts? Comments? Oh mighty oracles of curly wisdom SPEAK TO ME!!!! ^_^
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    I used this back in May of 2007, I guess I left it on too long because it loosened my curl too much. I think if left on for a shorter period of time you may like the results. For me...no more experimenting with them though. I finally have my naps back :)
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    I used the Just For Me Texture Softener not too long ago and i hated the results mainly because it was too straight, i mean like a straight 1 but that was the hairdresser's fault. Otherwise the results were ok, i was not exactly pleased. You do have to moisturize the hair alot or else it will start feeling and looking dry. My hair has begun to revert and now its back to its natural 3c/4a curl pattern and i have decided that i will not be using this product ever again.
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    ive used a mizani text
    i went to the hair cuttery (a chain salon) but there were lots of black stylists
    it was in and combed thru in less than 10 min it didnt have a strong smell and the stylist said it was in fact dif than a relax
    my hair is a little softer easier to detangle and has a little less shrink when wet i moisturize constantly got it in aug 08 i guess the more u do it it will loosen the curl might get 1 or 2 more

    u do have to moisturize constantly it makes the curl better and protects the hair
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