Any natural product as heat protectant?

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Hello All!

I have been reading posts here for years, but rarely post...

I am a 3a curly girl...who likes to go straight occasionally with a dryer and flat iron (okay, don't hurt me!:eek:

Anyway, I also would like to get away from any chemicals, especially as my DH and I live on a boat and everything we put on our bodies goes in the sea :sad5: - so I would feel alot better about that if it was just all good stuff!

Has anyone come up with anything that makes a good protectant for using heat?

Thanks in advance!!!
Erica :toothy4:
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    a while ago someone told me that Got 2 B made some type of silken spray that was good for that. Come in a cute light pink bottle. I never tried it so I don't know, sorry.

    Just a note: Shea butter is a natural UV protectant.

    :flower:Happy to be 3B, 3C & 4A
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    Even Beauty Brains, notorious lover of all things cones, says that it isn't really the silicones that do the heat protecting.

    For blow drying they suggest glycerin and proplyene glycol, to slow the water evaporation so it dries the water off the outside without sucking all the moisture out.

    For ironing, they suggest cetrimonium chloride. They then of course link to cone filled products that contain cetrimonium chloride, but lots of CG stuff does too. I looked for a couple minutes and found several "green"/natural conditioners that have it high on the list.

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