How cheap can I get these supplies:

CaliCali Registered Users Posts: 475
Blowdryer &
Nozzle for blowdryer

A few styling clips (about 2 or 3, clips that are good for pulling away sections)

Heat protection/serum/gel to straighten hair

Round Brush (A good size, must be on the larger side)

I need all these things extra cheapo! I want my hair to be smooth & straight for my nephew's graduation. I don't care about brand names or certain types. So, how cheap would you say I could get all of this?? Like the total amount of money.
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  • rejoicingcurlygirlrejoicingcurlygirl Registered Users Posts: 654
    Hairdryer $15
    Round brush $5
    Clips $2
    Heat protectant spray $5
    $27 that's my guess
    Looking Gorgeous at your nephew's wedding - priceless......

    Of course if you don't usually straighten your own hair it may take some practice. Or you may want to consider having it done somewhere. Not sure how pricey it is to get a blow out in your area?

    Good luck, have fun!
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