Unrefined coconut oil

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Are any of you ladies using unrefined cocobut oil on your hair? My Indian friend recommends I use it for hair growth and hair health... she has the most amazing hair ever.


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    I use coconut oil as a DT once a month or so. It works really well for me but everybody's hair is different. I have shoulder length (when wet) 3b/c curls and they are fine but a little course. It seems to respond well to it. I just use about a tbl. raked through dry hair. Heat for 20 minutes then a co wash. Style as usual. Works great for me.
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    Yep! I use it as well. I mix it with a conditioner a couple times a week and sleep in it. If my hair is extra dry, I take a tiny bit of it and run it through my hair.
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    I also use it for hot oil treatment or as a prepoo.
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    I put a little on my scalp everyday and rub some in the edges of my hair. It seems to help. You should also try Amla oil. It is my staple oil. I mix it with a little jojoba oil and carrot oil. My hair loves it.

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    I mixed coconut oil and jojoba oil with my DC the last time I used it. I then put a plastic bag on my head and wrapped my head in a towel and left it on for an hour. It gave me the softest hair that I've ever had since I've been natural.
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    I haven't used it in quite a while, but when I was using it, I always liked my results. I would use it as a pre-poo and also to seal. I think I might have to revisit it again, coconut oil is good stuff!!
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    Coconut oil is abundant in India so its no surprise that she suggested it. I have started using it as a leave in some nights and it makes my hair feel very moisturized. I haven't used it long enough to see long term results but I have heard other good things about coconut water etc its supposed to cure all kinds of ailments...