help! i hate this

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I have been so frustrated with my hair lately. Curly girls certainly have their all time lows; and this is one of them. I like my hair to kind of dry in a hard definite curl. I have found in the past this look could be acheived with gel and mousse. However, i use it know and my hair frizzes into a soft poofy mess. I feel like a poodle. I've been thinking about going straight. Please help me! my hair behaves differently all the time and i have really kinky curls underneath! Its disgusting. Please, some advice of any kind would be very valuable at times like this! :x :evil: :(


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    Maybe your just having bad hair days.Everyone has those. sometimes I want to wear my hair down but it ends up in a bun or a french twist because it's just too frizzy and poofy. So my Motto is:"Every bad hair day becomes a nice updo day!"
    Please don't be sad.

    But it could also be a routine problem: There ar certain things that make your hair look messy and frizzy. Here some frizztipps:
    *try to get out of a steaming bathroom so that your curls don't frizz too much
    *Never touch you hair while it's drying
    *Don't touch your damp or damp-to-dry hair with wet hands (this surely makes me look like a poodle...)
    *If you want more volume ,leave your top layer alone and puff the hair underneath.
    *Don't use a fine toothed comb or a brush. Use a WIDETOOTHED comb.

    (*I don't know if this works for everyone but it works for me:
    Always apply product to wet or wet-to-damp hair.)

    Please don't be sad. Even 1a straight haired women have bad hair days!
  • dejavublondedejavublonde Registered Users Posts: 5
    Well thank you very much
    Hopefully your tips will be of some help!
    Hopefully I can find a new routine sometime soon.
    Thanks again! :)
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    So my Motto is:"Every bad hair day becomes a nice updo day!"

    haha, that's brilliant. I love it
    Curlies of the world unite!
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    If you found out what hair type you are and posted it, we could deliver specific help. What works for a 2b may not work for a 4a.

    I also suggest that after applying conditioner, rinse it with cold water. I like to leave about 20% of my conditioner in.

    Also, you could try diffusing your hair.
    - Do not towel dry. Blot hair with a t-shirt.
    - Scrunch in products for clumpier curls. Raking tends to leave me with stringier curls.
    - Browse the forums, you may find more tips.
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    Possibly you are having build up? Does your mousse and gel contain silicones? (hint: It's probably a silicone if it ends in -cone) Some silicones are especially hard to remove and can make your hair crap after a while. Try clarifying, then do a DT right afterwards. Try to get conditioners and styling products that don't contain silicones, or just contain ones that are easier to wash out. I know a lot of curlies like Suave Healthy Curls Mousse. There are a ton of gels that you might like also. A few off the top of my head: Herbal Essence Humidity Defying Gel (they're changing the name, though), Suave Anti-friiz aloe gel, amd just normal aloe vera gel that you use for sunburns (works very well, especially if you mix in a drop of honey).
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    make sure you are coating every strand too. My hair gets poofy and frizzy if I dont. Try putting product in your hands and running your fingers though when it is wet (some people comb in through) so that it reaches every strand. I use both a frizz tamer and gel this way and sometimes a pomade for extra hold
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    you could try switching from gel/mousse to gel/cream.
    another thing that might help is just switching shampoos and conditioners every once in a while. after a few weeks my hair gets used to the same shampoo and it helps to switch things up.
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    bumping this.. good info!
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    Have you tried cg?
    It works really well for most curly heads. You could still achieve the "hard crunchy" feel, but it would keep your hair more healthy and less frizzy.
    What cg is, (in case you dont already know) is a routine suggested by lorraine massey where you dont use any shampoo with sulfates, and dont use any products or conditioners with silicones it in.
    What I suggest doing, is:
    1. use a sulfate shampoo (one time) to get rid of buildup.
    2. use silicone free conditioner (try the suave naturals line) daily
    3. Lastly, use lots of silicone free gel (try herbal essences set me up gel) to get that crunchy, hard look.

    Then for your daily routine, just use the conditioner and gel with an occasional shampoo if you feel you need it.

    hope this helps, and if you have any questions feel free to pm me :D

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    you should try paul micthel hair sculpting lotion
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    have you tried Biosilk Rock Hard Gel? I hear it dries pretty crunchy.
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    I hate that stuff!! I used it once after lots and lots of good reviews and my hair did not agree!!

    I vote for Aveda Be Curly, but its not CG so its off limits if you try that process...
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    Mousse has drying alchol in it so it's probably drying our your hair.
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    embudini wrote:
    Mousse has drying alchol in it so it's probably drying our your hair.

    Not all mousses do, just like not all gels do.
    OMG, LOOK!!

    ...It's a siggie. :shock:

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