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I bought my 1st package of Henna from Whole Foods today and I would like to start purchasing it from the internet but I don't know which place would be the best to order from. Can anyone tell me what they think the best place to order from on the internet? I have seen these 3 places listed but it is all just so overwhelming.





  • KitaraKitara Posts: 1,224Registered Users
    Whatever you got from Whole Foods is probably crap. Just an FYI. :laughing7:

    I've ordered from all three places and would recommend any of them. If your head is just swimming and you just want to do it I would go with Jamila. Then, if you want to try others after that you can. I just bought the henna from Yemen from mehandi.com, but I haven't used it yet. Riot Crrl uses it and likes it which is why I tried it.
  • rschoeyrschoey Posts: 26Registered Users
    My head is really swimming. I have read that if you have grey then you need to use the Yemen but then on some of the websites it says that it really doesn't matter. My roots are showing and I have grey on the top and on the sides of my face.

  • Riot CrrlRiot Crrl Posts: 3,135Registered Users
    Yemen is supposed to be "best grey coverage" but I don't think I've seen anyone complain that Jamila wouldn't cover them.

    And... I agree about the Whole Foods stuff. :)

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