How to style side bangs

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I got side bangs cut that I like to straighten, but everytime I do it it looks stupid. When my friend did it for me it looked how I wanted it to.
I usually blow dry with a round brush and go over it with a flat iron. How do I manuever the flat iron to make it sweep to the side? I usually just pin them back now. Rar.
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  • GeoCurlGeoCurl Registered Users Posts: 84
    Anytime I've wanted to straighten mine (which are really just growing-out regular bangs - they're only to the tip of my nose), I use a large barrel (2") curling iron. When I've tried to flat-iron them, they've always ended up too straight - I think they look better with a bit of a curve in the ends.

    Good luck! :)
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    Ugh, mine always get in the way when they are curly...but usually I just leave them be. If you want them straighter, I recommend what GeoCurl said - use a curling iron. I find if I straighten them they just go straight down (and into my eyes!) and not off to the side. If I use a curling iron I get more lift (so they don't blind me), and the wave helps them to stay off the the side while still getting the straightened look.
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    I've done it a few ways. I will straighten it with a flat iron. I have also pulled it taut and make a pin curl when wet then when it dries comb it out. I have also done it with a roller from a caruso set.
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