To Cut or Not to Cut!

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:laughing7::laughing7:I so look at the 'bob' looks and absolutely love them. That being said I have taken ages to grow my hair out and sometimes am a happy camper. As well I golf (a lot) and the wind does not nice things to my hair. What are your thoughts about cutting several inche off? Anyone else have this problem - I think I would keep it long enough to tie parts of it up.
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    Do a long bob. Before my last haircut, when I got the back all cut out, mine was angled to my shoulders in front. I could pull it back with one of those stretchy things that have the comb on either end. I can actually still do that if needed. Summer is the time to do something--hair grows more quickly. If you're unhappy, it will grow back. If you like it bobbed, you can always go shorter.
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    Notty wrote: »
    ...I have taken ages to grow my hair out...

    I golf (a lot) and the wind does not nice things to my hair....

    I remember reading about how unhappy you were after a few golfing matches (holes, outings, whatever you call them :laughing7:.) You were NOT a happy camper on those days, remember?

    Wait at least two weeks (a month would be better) before doing any cutting. Really you might save yourself some agony!
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    I'm outside all the time - I garden extensively - I can not stand the inbetween stage. My hair either has to be long enough to pull back in a pony tail or very short. Right now I'm sporting a Jaimie Lee Curtis short pixie. It's soooo easy! I do love the look of a bob, but it's not practical outside in the wind, IMO, unless it's long enough to pull in a pony tail....
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    I've been trying to grow mine out from a short bob for a year now. It seems like it takes forever! I blow dried it on Tues. just to see how long it is because when it's curly it's so short. I know, bad girl! It's finally long enough to put it in a ponytail. My two cents worth is if you do cut it, make sure you can still pull it up into a ponytail. It's summer and you know how hot it can get back there in the "kitchen"(ie the nape of the neck).
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    I'm currently growing out my bob. I loved it during the winter - felt more professional and "put together" ... but I hated it once the humid weather arrived.

    My hair is finally to my shoulders. I am getting 2nd day hair much more often thanks to being able to do a partial pineapple (pull up what I can and leave the rest down). I never got 2nd day hair when my hair was shorter.

    If I'm remembering correctly, you have been thinking about cutting it for sometime ... I remember your interest in other posts speaking about hair cuts !! Why not try to cut a little off ... or get the sides tweaked to add some life to your hair. It may be all you need to feel like you've had a change.

    If you really want to cut it, I'd wait until Fall. If you want to be able to put it up, or get it out of the way when golfing, a bob is not going to be for you. It is long enough that it still blows in your face, but too short to be able to pull up without looking ridiculous .... sorry if I have offended anyone who does that !! ... I never found a way to pull up my hair when it was shorter that didn't look like a five year old trying to grow out a bad cut. :tongue6:

    I should add though ... as far as appearance goes, I think a bob would look wonderful on you. You have beautiful curls and lovely bone structure on your face ... I think it would be stunning!!!
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