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How do you put photos in a thread, I wan't to ask a question and I wanted to put the picture of the product to make my question more understandable, I know that's not a word. And what size does it have to be.


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    There are a few ways to do it.

    #1. If you have it on your computer you can upload it to a free picture hosting site such as photobucket or fotki or whatever. After it's uploaded, copy the URL, click the little button above the box that looks like a mountain (Untitled-2.jpg)and then paste the URL.

    #2. If the picture is on a website you can rightclick it and copy the direct link to the picture. However, some websites don't like that you do that so your picture will look like this: Untitled-1.gif If that happens you can always right click and revert back to #1 or #3. Most likely you won't know it happened until someone says they can't see it because it will still show up on your computer.

    #3. If you have the picture on your computer and it is small enough (97.7kb for .jpg) you can click on "go advanced" and then on "manage attachments" and add it to the bottom of your post as an attachment.

    HTH ~ I don't mean for it to sound more complicated than it is.
  • celeste821celeste821 Registered Users Posts: 348 Curl Neophyte

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