growing hair out woes

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hi all, this might be quite a rant :twisted:

i think i'm 2b + 2c with 3a at the hairline. my last cut was super short. super thinned/layered. i've not cut my hair in 3 months.

now i can finally tie the back in a small ponytail. i was thinking of straightening to make the growing out process easier but don't know if it'll just be a waste of money. i live in singapore and a lot of people here rebond their hair to get bone-straight limp hair. i did it once a few years back. i liked it at first, but now won't ever do it again!

i'm also not sure how much conditioner to use. a huge dallop seems to work most times. i read somewhere that too much conditioner is not good, so i'm a bit confused.

i use tigi oatmeal conditioner twice a week, and elseve anti-frizz. redken's smoothdown which i like but it's so expensive mfffft. is a conditioner for curls recommended? my hair can be quite crazy..very thick [a lot of hair, individual strands are quite alright]. it's more wavy than curly. i would like it natural after being to this place a lot :)



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    I totally feel your pain. I cut my hair too last summer and it's been so frustrating. I've been using [buylink=]Jessicurl aloeba conditioner[/buylink] and my hair is getting better. But it's been my experience that as long as your hair isn't getting weighed down by your conditioner it's ok to use as much as you think you need.
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    dohhh. the annoying thing is i had very nice long hair as a kid. i doubt it can go back to that state but i just want to see how it goes. i had a square layer before which was quite alright. too many hairdressers are too comfortable with straight...straight hair.

    i've not used Jessicurl products before, i would if they sold it in stores here. i might try redken's some time. i'll continue using the amount of conditioner i'm using then. thanks. hopefully things will get better for us soon!
  • shoe3345shoe3345 Registered Users Posts: 4
    colomunky wrote:
    I totally feel your pain.

    Is that not a bit unethical ;-) of yourself?
  • funkymunkycurlfunkymunkycurl Registered Users Posts: 83
    I have no idea what you're talking about. I was simply being empathic to this person. There is absolutely NOTHING unethical about that.
    Formerly known as colomunky.

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