Heat Damage after straightening

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It's never happened before since I've been straightening my hair since I was about 7 but now with recent flat ironing and yes a lack of a heat protectant too has (well I think) damaged my hair. My hair has gone from beautiful corkscrews to a lot of straight pieces and limp curls that refuse to revert back to my natural 3c/4a curl pattern that I once had. Help! what can I use or is too late and my hair is basically dead. I miss my curls!

that's a picture after I braided it but after I wash it it looks a whole lot worse and it's really frizzy..my hair was soo beautiful once upon a time..(tear)


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    My hair is really damaged also from straight irons and bleaching. Last week I bought the aphogee 2-step protein treatment packet from sallys. It worked so good! My hair isn't completely back to normal because i did so much crap to it, but it did get some curl back and looks healthier. This stuff is recommended for severely damaged hair so if yours isnt that bad you might want to try the aphogee 2 minute protein reconstructor thats not as strong. Also I Joico makes a kpak reconstructor thats supposed to be good but I haven't tried it.
    If you do use the aphogee two step protein one make sure you follow the directions or your hair could break. Also is smells awful!! but works great.
    Even just conditioning and doing deep treatments for a week or two and no straightning for a while should make your hair bounce back :)
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    :nike: thank you soo much for your advice I'm definitely gonna get some. Yesterday I bought the Aphogee shampoo and Leave-In but now I know what I really should have got.
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    Aphogee is amazing for damaged hair. I'm planning to do a treatment this weekend becuz I have some minor damage from a recent relaxer and I heat-style. I can't wait. It's a stinky messy process but it works.

    Note, I am talking about the intensive treatment that you let dry hard on your hair. Remember to follow up with a very rich moisturizing conditioner otherwise your hair will feel hard.

    Another poster here said she got great results after using Aphogee treatment and then the Aphogee Keratin spray-on daily afterward. :blob7:
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    I agree with the Aphogee suggestion.I would also do some deep conditioning with heat for 20-30 minutes with the most moisturizing deep conditioner you can find.

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