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Ok, so I plop my hair every morning when I get out of the shower and it works great for me. Now I just got a deva cut doen and the stylist reeeally wnats me to try to clip up my hair when I get out of the shower "to make the layers stand out more" or something. Is there a way for me to clip my hair and still plop? becasue I am NOT giving up ploping ever!!! haha :) Can I clip my hair up and then plop with the clips in? Thanks in advance for the advise :)
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air dry
put in LA Looks Gel or Biotera Gel during the day

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    I can't plop with clips in because the clips tend to get tangled. I plop and, if I use clips, clip after I plop. HTH!
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    I plop first to get all the excess water out. Then I diffuse till damp, put the clips in and take them out when my hair is dry.
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    I know there are some here who can clip and then plop. I've never tried it because I've always figured once I turn upside to plop, the clips are either going to loosen up too much or the top of my head is going to get really messed up. I don't plop for that long anyway and my hair takes so long to dry that even after diffusing for a couple minutes, my hair is still damp enough to clip with good results.
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