attention motorcycle riders: how can I fix helmet hair?!

klloydmajesticklloydmajestic Registered Users Posts: 183 Curl Connoisseur
hi y'all,
I've been wearing my hair in a braid when I ride my motorcycle to school or work because I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions for a quick way to recover my curls after getting to my destination without having a frizzball?
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  • RipplesRipples Registered Users Posts: 40
    I voted "yes". My solution is to put my hair back in a banana clip, slip a scarf over my hair and pop my helmet on. I sometimes carry a small spritzer with me so I can lightly spray my hair to revive the curl whenever I get to where we're going. Usually I can just finger fluff my hair to push the curls back into shape. Not the best look, but it works short term. (In the past, I've even gone so far as to *gasp* straighten my hair if I know I'm riding, but haven't done that since I found

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  • urbancurlurbancurl Registered Users Posts: 980
    Well, I don't have a motorcycle but I ride a bike and wear a helmet. I guess it's much lighter than the kind you wear, but what I do is pile the outer layer of my hair onto the top of my hair and then put the helmet on. That way I don't get hat-- or helmet-- head. Have fun on your motorcycle!
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  • rmiro13rmiro13 Registered Users Posts: 63
    I'm reviving this old thread, hoping that perhaps since the date of the last post, someone's come up with clever ideas about how to revive curls after biking with a helmet on.

    With the cost of gas so high, a couple of co-workers and I are biking to work. It's only 5 miles and it's great exercise. My dilemma comes at the office when I'm getting ready to look professional. A head full of frizz isn't professional. (Side note: We don't have access to showers -- we clean up in the bathroom using washcloths -- so showering to revive the curls is out of the question)

    I read urbancurl's post about piling the hair on top of the head. How do you hold it in place? There's not much extra space underneath a bike helmet.

    I've tried putting a barette to clip it up, but it didn't help. I've also tried straightening it, but that's too much work to do every few days. It takes me 2 hours to straighten my hair and it's only a little past shoulder length.

    I need to buy a silk scarf, but other than that I'm clueless. Can anyone offer words of wisdom?

    Thanks! :D
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  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    the only thing ive ever found to be helpful is a silk/satin scarf. maybe some sort of curl reviving spray would help too....
  • aly9412aly9412 Registered Users Posts: 1 Curl Neophyte
    Reviving this old thread. I just started riding my own motorcycle a year ago (commuting to work and school) and have been a passenger a good number a years. I pull a neck gaiter up over my head to protect the shorter curls and when my hair was much longer, I would do a fishtail braid. Once I got my destination, I would wet the pieces that were frizzy and finger curl to tidy it all up. I'd carry a small bottle of leave-in to add back in a little moisture and to get more curl definition for those stubborn bits. If it came down to where my curls weren't salvageable, I would just do a half up half down hairstyle and go about my day. I had cut my hair a couple months ago and had some bangs added. So now with the 2021 riding season started, I'll use the neck gaiter method and carry some leave-in. As for my bangs, I'll pin them with bobby pins. I try to place the bobby pins in a way where I'm not stretching the curl out and I can just wet with a water, add some leave-in and finger curl to revitalize. If I'm out for a joy ride or going no where special, I'll toss everything up in a bun or a braid. I am thinking about sewing in some silk pieces (I have some fabric laying around) into the helmet liners to see if that will be better than the neck gaiter. I'll update if there's any interest. Hopefully there's some tips in there for anyone else. Have fun riding, keep the rubber side down!

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