Fashion/cultural history ?

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I've always been interested in learning about fashion history as it relates to culture. Especially in areas drastically different then that of western europe. Like for example, I'm watching a period movie that takes place in China where the women are wearing those gorgeous robes. And I wonder how that fashion came to be. How it evolve? Why was it popular? What in their culture was going on to make that the "in" look. Not just China, but lots of different places.

Although I admit I have not thoroughly searched for any as it's just a mild curiosity. Thus far, I haven't found any books that combine the history of fashion and culture. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a book.


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    was there any particular era you were interested in?

    i found these:

    A Cultural History of Fashion in the 20th Century by Bonnie English
    Garb: A Fashion and Culture Reader by Kathryn Hagen-Kelly
    The Culture of Fashion: A New History of Fashionable Dress by Christopher Breward
    The Culture of Clothing: Dress and Fashion in the Ancien Regime by Daniel Roche

    the Costumer's Manifesto web site lists reference books for all different kinds of eras and countries and maybe some of them reference culture too:
    My blog:

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    Thank you rou.

    I guess the era I'm most interested in would be the classic (fashion?) era of any given culture. So of course that would vary depending upon the culture. I guess the best way I can think to describe it, would the the historical traditional clothing that a culture became known for, like kimonos for Japan, sari in India, etc. I think it would be interesting to know how those fashions came about, and/or how they became known for them. The cultural influences that brought them to being. And even in cases of inaccuracy, I would still find it interesting to know what brought about that inaccuracy, and what it actually was.

    I'm not really into fashion or anything, but I do have a love learning about cultures different from my own. So I really didn't know where to look to satisfy my curiosity.

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