Stupid Apartment Crap! (rant, plus looking for advice)

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I am so frustrated right now. I am moving into a new apartment building tomorrow, and I had plans to meet this girl who wanted to sublet my apartment yesterday. She said she really wanted the place, and that she'd bring the 2 months rent and that she'd allow for me to leave my bed and heavy objects in the place until the weekend when I can get people to move them. She wanted the place 2 days before I was scheduled to leave, and she asked me to deal only with her because she really needed the apartment.

I said okay, as long as you are willing to bring the two months rent on Sunday. So I spend the entire day moving out my school things, my belongings, my clothes, food, storage bins, etc. into my friend's place where I'm staying right now.

She shows up, and then takes a look at the place, and says "It's too dirty, but keep the apartment open because I MAY still want it tomorrow." WTF?!!? MAY still want it? You told me to deal exclusively with you, and now you're complaining? I moved all my belongings and crap for you extra early, and I took a hit on this because rent is $450 a month and I'm giving it to you for $300 per month.

Do you know how expensive apartments are in the middle of Philadelphia? I live in a (relatively) safe area. And no, it wasn't dirty at all, it just had a few boxes and things lying around so I could move them when my friend's car came by the next time. I'm sorry, I have no idea what you're used to in Russia, but here in America, apartments catering to students and young people don't have fancy new appliances and extra lighting and things.

My roommate was there (she's still in the apartment for the next two months) and started laughing when this chick had the gall to call our place dirty (I scrubbed the toilet and cleaned all the appliances EVEN MORE before she came, just so it'd be extra clean).

It's all so frustrating. I have school and crap to worry about, and moving into my new place tomorrow while still crossing state lines to get to my dental appointment tomorrow. I'm exhausted from hauling all my crap and haven't eaten more than 2 meals in 2 days.

I put up a new ad on craigslist, but I really was hoping to get all this stuff over with quickly. Any one have advice before I really do hand the keys over?


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    I'm sorry that happened to you! I subletted my apartment last summer and discovered that potential subletters are often really flaky! I never had one flake out THAT close to moving in, but I had a few who oohed and ahhed over the apartment and wanted me to promise that I wouldn't sublet to anyone else (I didn't) and then disappeared off the face of the earth.

    My guess is that she either decided she didn't want to sublet or couldn't afford it, so her "it's too dirty" was just an excuse to cover that fact. :thumbdown:

    One piece of advice that you may have already figured out: get EVERYTHING in writing. You can probably find subletting forms/leases online that you can adapt with your information and have your subletter sign.
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    1. Don't believe anything anyone ever says.
    2. Get everything in writing.
    3. Do credit and background checks.
    4. Nothing's final until the check clears.
    I don't really think this is something that's ever done quickly. I'm sorry to tell you this, because it sounds like you have a lot on your plate.

    Good luck!
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    Not saying that this is true for here, but I've heard that this is part of normal "negotiations" in other countries.

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