What are your hobbies?

FoxyCurl2FoxyCurl2 Posts: 136Registered Users
I'm trying to figure out what I like to do and how I want to spend my 'me' time but am having some trouble.
Thought I might get some ideas from you guys.
What do you like to do/What are your hobbies?


  • cymprenicympreni Posts: 9,609Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    books-esp non-fiction, I love learning new things
    learning languages

    Viola has really become my passion/obsession. I'm pretty much playing it on and off all day.
  • FoxyCurl2FoxyCurl2 Posts: 136Registered Users
    what is beading?
  • BohemianRenegadeBohemianRenegade Posts: 1,078Registered Users
    Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...
  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    learning languages
    I used to bead/make jewelry too!
    people watching
    learning about race and culture
    used to play the piano and bellydance
  • CurlyinColoradoCurlyinColorado Posts: 3,093Registered Users
    surfing the net
    research: i.e. my latest endeavor was WWII
    cooking (not all the time)
    yoga, running
    shopping (I'm really good at this)
    I also try to discover one new thing a week to do with my DD
  • EllaElla Posts: 392Registered Users
    cooking (especially baked goods)
    watching old movies
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  • goldygoldy Posts: 5,463Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    book stores
    enjoying a cup of tea

    those are all things i can do alone for "me" time :)
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
  • MarMar Posts: 3,004Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    jewelry making
    cross stitch
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  • susancnwsusancnw Posts: 1,374Registered Users Curl Novice
    finding new books to read
    research on things that catch my attention
    cross stitch
    surfing the net
    checking out new crafts and blogs to try
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  • VTmomVTmom Posts: 2,487Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    surfing the net
    on occasion and when i'm in the mood...baking
    bike riding
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  • asleep to audioasleep to audio Posts: 2,085Registered Users
    Researching things...everything from bands to famous murders.

    CoN green, HE hello hydration, burt's bees super shiny condish, & KCCC.

    mostly 3b, mod CG

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  • cymprenicympreni Posts: 9,609Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    FoxyCurl2 wrote: »
    what is beading?

    Pretty much I make jewelry and stuff with beads. I was planing on showing some pics but my camera is acting up.
  • RRRR Posts: 147Registered Users
    My dogs/dog park/hiking
  • fig jamfig jam Posts: 2,555Registered Users
    Training dogs
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  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Dog rescue
    Movie watching
  • Rebecca deWinterRebecca deWinter Posts: 2,254Registered Users
    playing and listening to music
    bike riding
    bird watching
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    :hockey: \m/ \m/
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  • wavy in neenahwavy in neenah Posts: 113Registered Users
    Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) I'm new to this one
    Watching movies
    Treasure hunting, aka spending too many hours in thrift shops :D
    Jigsaw puzzles, but I rarely have enough tabletop space or a place where the cats can't destroy my progress
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  • LoloDSMLoloDSM Posts: 3,778Registered Users
    I have a 1-year-old, so NC.com is about my only "me" time right now. Before DD, though:

    -wine (studied "The Wine Bible" and then bought/tasted the particular geographical area I read about)
    - wine classes
    - working out
    - roller blading
    - payday massages (gosh, I miss those)
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  • nynaeve77nynaeve77 Posts: 7,135Registered Users Curl Novice
    writing (my friends and I have an informal writing group and we critique one another's work)
    playing Sims 2 (I don't get to do that often...it's a serious time waster!)
    doll collecting (I haven't added any in a while...stupid bad economy!)
    manicures/pedicures...I normally do my own, which isn't as relaxing as having them done, but it's way cheaper! I'm pretty darn good at them, too. I even paint my daughter's toes when she's in the mood to sit still for it!
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  • battinlashbattinlash Posts: 1,850Registered Users
    Maybe some of these are not really hobbies, but this is how I spend my time:

    -Listening to and reading the news. I am a total news junkie...I always have to know what's going on.

    -Learning to read Latin. I'm terrible at it but I'm still trying.

    -Reading about socioeconomics, government, and history.


    -Posting regularly on various blogs and forums.

    -Home improvements. This is a hobby because I do them for enjoyment, not always because I need to.
  • CGNYCCGNYC Posts: 4,938Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I can't believe someone said macrame. I did a project for Bible school crafts in the 70s (plant holder, brown with wooden beads, of course!) and I was just trying to tell my husband about it (um, apparently "hippy plant holders" was not descriptive enough) so now I am all desperate for a macrame owl to relive my 70s childhood.

    Right now I do -

    -funky embroidery
    -cross stitch
    -and I'm trying to grow tomatoes and peppers in containers - I have ten tomatoes and a bazillion hot peppers. No bell or bananas yet, tho.
  • AmnerisAmneris Posts: 15,117Registered Users
    A lot of what I like doing in "down time" is really stuff that is work-related or related to being a performer ie: studying other languages, practising or listening to music, working out, fashion etc. etc. etc. I also love writing but I consider that to be part of my work as well. I'm trying to think of things not related to that and I've got sewing, non-work-related travel, politics and reading.
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  • M2LRM2LR Posts: 8,630Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I LOVE to read. I also knit, write, crochet (sometimes), and I am finding a re-newed sense of childhood in playing video games (we have a Wii). I don't get to play the Wii TOO often, and I seriously limit my time on it, LOL. But it brings me back to my childhood, playing the Nintendo and all of that.

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