Anybody use 1800 Contacts??

Ashkins1118Ashkins1118 Posts: 786Registered Users
I only have two pairs left and dont want to pay the deductable and go to the eye doc to let them order them. My prescription has stayed the same in the past few years so id like to just order my contacts online. Has anybody used 1800 contacts to order theirs and been happy with the service?
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  • misfitcurlsmisfitcurls Posts: 736Registered Users Curl Novice
    i have used them twice and everything went fine
    but they will call and confirm your rx with your dctor so if its been more than 2years since an exam they may not approve you. (that was my last experience could have been my dr policy though... not sure)

    good luck
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    Yes, they will confirm the prescription with your doctor. So you may need to go get an eye exam, but you won't have to order the contacts from your eye doctor.

    I've used 1-800-Contacts for several years and have been happy with their prices and their service.
  • Miss KittyMiss Kitty Posts: 91Registered Users
    I have heard good things about 1800CONTACTS, but I haven't used them as my lenses were cheaper at and have had good luck over the years.
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  • sundaysunday Posts: 535Registered Users
    I use them all the time. But. like others have said, you have to have a current prescription. I think that is a legal issue with any place you order from, not just their own policy.
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    I've used 1800contacts for my last three Rxs and I've had a good experience with them every time.
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  • journotravelerjournotraveler Posts: 2,816Registered Users
    i've used them a lot. to save time, i've just faxed them my current prescription. that way, they didn't have to call my doc's office to verify. but that means, as others have said, that your prescription is current. once, mine had expired, and they wouldn't fill my order, even though my eyes hadn't changed.
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  • BohemianRenegadeBohemianRenegade Posts: 1,078Registered Users was cheaper for my contacts than 1800contacts. They also verify your script with your eye doctor.
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  • KeeweeKeewee Posts: 1,376Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Yes is cheaper, I have been using them...
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