Excessive night sweating?

My bed linens are suffering---big time...........

My husband is a diabetic. He sweats excessively, but it is worse at night. It turns everything dark brown and smells horrible.

If he sleeps in any spot, before long there will be this huge, brown, smelly, body-shaped sweat stain on his side of the bed. Eventually the entire room will take on this sweaty, body-odor type of stench.

Does anyone know of any sort of mattress pad that I can use to protect my bed linens.....and also is there a washing method that I'm unaware of to keep everything clean? Maybe a very large towel pinned to his side of the bed that can be washed as needed?

I have the comforter and sheets in my washer with detergent and a cup of white vinegar in hot water, in the "soak" cycle, as I type this.

I more or less don't use pillowcases on his pillows because they end up being a lost cause--for some reason I can't get the pillowcases as clean as the sheets/bedspreads. I just buy the cheapest pillows I can find from Walmart because they're just goners after awhile.

Of course, ideally the solution would be for him to get his blood sugars under control---but that's another story that I won't get into here.


  • PeppyPeppy Posts: 3,290Registered Users
    I would buy those waterproof covers for his pillow and also for the mattress. And rather than waiting until the sheets turn brown (yuck) and get smelly, I'd be changing them daily!
  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,259Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Yes, sounds like you need to wash sheets daily. You can't leave sweat to sit and rot, or else it causes staining and smells you can't get out.

    Also, make him take a cool shower (with SOAP!) nightly before bed, to lower his body temperature and also to remove skin oils.
  • 2happy2happy Posts: 5,138Registered Users
    Go to a furniture store and buy a good mattress cover. Mine was like $150.00 (which is nuts), but it has a 10 year guarantee - and nothing has gotten through it yet!

    That will only save the mattress, not the sheets - but the sheets are much more easily washed.

    Good luck.
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