great cosmetic sample TIP!

Ava79Ava79 Registered Users Posts: 159
My dermatologist mentioned to me a great idea.

You know those "one time" sample foiled packets of lotions, creams, whatever... you get for free. Usually you tear them open which leaves the product exposed to air and prone to crusting and drying up forcing you to throw away the whole thing when there is still plenty of product in there. Well what you do is...

Prick it with a needle or push pin. Do not go all the way through. Just prick one side of the packet. The product should dispense from that tiny hole and all is good.



  • kimmyckimmyc Registered Users Posts: 551
    That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. :D
    2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.

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