Biotera curl creme applied AFTER gel?

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I bought this and have been using it under the biotera gel. I do get incredible shine and softness as if my hair were made out of silk but no curls, only waves.

so I tried it under aveda Flax gel thinking maybe the Biotera gel didn't have enough hold. My waves slightly formed more of a curl but not as they usually do with this gel. On the positive side I got NO crunch whatsoever which is usually a problem with this gel.

I don't think I'm overdoing it with the creme. I think perhaps since I'm layering my hair with the creme first, it is preventing any gel I use from 'working'. Maybe the gel has to be layered first.

Has anyone tried it OVER their gel with better results?


  • cubancurlscubancurls Registered Users Posts: 101 Curl Connoisseur
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