Garnier Curl & Shine?

Has this line been discontinued? I've almost run out and I'm stressing because I can't find it anywhere!

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  • newcurlynewcurly Posts: 1,310Registered Users
    It's been discontinued. Some people have said they can find it at Biglots. Also, the Sleek 'n Shine leave-in conditioning creme is the exact same as the Curl 'n Shine except that the Sleek 'n Shine has no glycerin.
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  • NotinabottleNotinabottle Posts: 303Registered Users
    I saw a whole shelf full of this stuff at biglots this weekend. I think it was 2 dollars a bottle, so you could always stock up till you find a replacement.
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  • Curls=BeautyCurls=Beauty Posts: 1,781Registered Users
    Yeah, I think it's discontinued. I have some shampoo from a while back thats Curl and Shine, also a little bit of conditioner left, but I don't use it.
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