Please help me confirm my hair type!

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My hair is very damaged right now, from bleaching, coloring and heat styling. I havent let my hair air dry even once in over 6 months! I've started CG 3 days ago, and my curls are starting to bounce back. I know that my hair is/was curlier than this...but what would you call these curls that I have now?


and here is the same hair, you can see the amount of shrinkage


What do you think? Im thinking maybe 3b, but possibly 3a...Im not sure, and I need other opinions.


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    Hello and welcome! :wave:

    Oh my what beautiful curls you have. Stunning. I'd say 3b because you seem to be curling up from the root.
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    I second the 3b. If your hair was a 3a it wouldn't curl so much at the very roots like it is in your pictures. Welcome!

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