spider bite?

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so, i have this bite of some kind on my finger. i think i got bitten by a mosquito there the other day, but it isn't acting at all like a mosquito bite. i'm wondering if it's actually a spider bite? the second segment of my finger near one of the joints is slightly swollen (has been since this morning), itchy, and feels stingy... does that sound like a spider bite? it just feels "different" than a mosquito bite. if it is a spider bite, can i do anything to make it not so stingy/swollen? i put a cold compress on it earlier, but it didn't seem to do anything. thanks everyone!
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    I would keep an eye on it and get it checked out if it gets any worse. It may just be an ordinary harmless spider/bug bite, but if it's a brown recluse or a black widow bite, it could get serious.



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    A spider bite will have two punctures on it and they tend to blister up.

    Mosquito bites to a smaller appendage, bonier area, or near a joint that are more firm, sting a bit, and itch like crazy. It definitely feels different than one in a fleshier spot.

    Like they said, keep an eye on it. Most spider bites (if it is one) will just heal like a mosquito bite will in a week or two. If it's festering or ulcerating, then you have something more on your hands and you should seek medical attention.
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