Something that really bugs me about Ebay

battinlashbattinlash Posts: 1,850Registered Users
Every time I see something I want to buy on Ebay, the same kind of people are always trying to outbid me. They're obviously pro buyers/sellers who are trying to acquire items cheaply just to turn around and resell them. I can tell by looking at their feedback and seeing the kind of items they like to bid on. Their user names are also a giveaway.

Of course anybody can place a bid that wants to. It's irritating, though because I actually want the items I bid on, for my own personal use. I'm not going to turn around and try to make a profit off of them.

End rant. Ebay just gets on my nerves sometimes.


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    Dealers are at every sort of resale venue. I've seen them at garage and yard sales and auctions. That's their business. You can't avoid them. On eBay, with the high price of shipping, you'll probably be seeing fewer of them.
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    Yeah, it's annoying. I get outbid at the end a lot. Sometimes I think, I can't believe I'm competing for a toaster. Then I get sick of it and avoid it for a while. But I eventually go back.

    I've done better with clothes there....low value stuff.
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    I know what you mean. That's why, now, when I want to use Ebay, I click "Buy It Now" right away, so I only see items that I can most definitely get.

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  • BohemianRenegadeBohemianRenegade Posts: 1,078Registered Users
    Why don't you try one of the free sniping services? I used to buy stuff on ebay a lot and I always sniped the auction.
    Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    What's sniping?
  • BohemianRenegadeBohemianRenegade Posts: 1,078Registered Users
    Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...

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