Dyed my white tank pink...Can I fix?

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I have a stretchy white tank that got some pink on it from the washer. It was accidentally dried in the dryer.

I have it in vinegar and water now. Will that ruin it? The top part is still white, so I can still use it under something where just the top shows. I don't want to ruin the whole thing, because it was $30!

I'm not sure if the vinegar will break down the stretchy fibers or cause it to yellow.


  • puffinpuffin Posts: 205Registered Users
    Can you bleach it?
  • YolyCYolyC Posts: 3,758Registered Users
    Try soaking it in oxi clean. It helped remove all sorts of stains from a white top I loaned my daughter.
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    You can pick up some Rit color remover. I've used it before and it works great. It's made for something like this! http://home.howstuffworks.com/how-to-remove-red-dye-stains.htm

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