Vein Removal (Not With Laser)

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Has anyone had this done?

I recently went to a specialist to have my leg veins checked out because I was experiencing frequent needling pain and soreness. They are not spider veins, but larger "varicose" veins that are visible, but don't yet stick out terribly.

I'm upset because there really isn't anything that I can do about them except to wear compression stockings (that seems hot for summer), walk every so often after sitting for long periods, etc...I wasn't given much info beyond that. The specialist said that I could remove them if the stockings didn't work, but it wouldn't be covered by insurance, even though I am experiencing frequent pain.

My *primary care* Dr. said that they would never remove veins like mine, because they didn't look severe ENOUGH yet. Basically, I'm confused about what to do. I'd like to have them removed, but I'm in my late 20s, and I am not sure if the removal would make my legs look worse.

It is me, or do legs sort of look different after having veins removed? I've been paying attention to people's legs lately, and I've noticed that some people's legs look like they've got "stringy" areas where it looks like something may be missing, and I'm wondering if that is from vein removal.

Does vein removal make your legs look the same as before you developed the veins, or does it make them look...different? I don't want to have this done, only to have my legs become more deformed...and to have the veins return.

I haven't been able to get much info from the Dr.'s (you know how they're half way out the door when you are trying to rush and ask questions...), and I would like if someone could give me some info on any of this.



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    I've seen the scars from saphenous vein stripping surgery for varicose veins. The patients that I saw had many (15-20+) small scars (1-1.5 cm) on their legs.

    Sorry you are having to deal with this at such a young age.
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    one of my co-workers has been having sclerotherapy for some time now and the one thing she says about it is that it HURTS like hell!

    she is happy with the results, though, so that is something to consider. she's in her mid-30s.
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    I have one of those on my right calf. Mine appeared when I was taking a particular pill. I still have it, it's only a small lump that looks bruised. I want something doing with it. I also want my threadveins seeing too. Unfortunately the NHS won't pay for the lump/varicose vein removing, and forget about the threadveins! I'm having to look into getting it done privately.
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    I just have spider veins — I think. I also have the kind of pain you're talking about, so perhaps there is a varicose vein in there.

    I have been thinking about having them taken care of as well. I am certain my insurance won't cover it. They are just starting to be visible at 38 [39 next week] and that's only going to get worse, so I figure I'd best deal with it. Plus the pain at times is really troubling. It stings, burns and sometimes aches.

    But to answer your question, my cousin had her varicose veins stripped out and she was very happy with the results. And her legs looked great, to my eye anyway. I'll admit never examined them that closely, but that's probably how most people will see your legs — we're all our own worst critic and all that.

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