so smooth

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    Dude is creeeeeeepy.
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    What she said...

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    Hahaha, what an a**hole! :angry7: I couldn't help but laugh at how egotistical he sounded.
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    jillipoo wrote: »
    Boy, it really depends on the gel (and the weather, and the position of the stars, and what kind of mischief Britney Spears has gotten into).
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    I feel the need for a shower!! After I stop laughing:laughing7:
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    I was kinda scared listening to that. I'm glad there wasn't a 3rd message, because that means he kept his word about erasing her number during the 2nd message. The woman should keep these for the police as evidence though, cause this guy is a potential killer.
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    FieryCurls wrote: »

    What she said...

    Same here. WOW! He's got issues.
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    This guy is soooo arrogant. At the end, I felt like hurting him. A lot. I mean, the only way a woman couldn't call him back is if she's crazy or has issues. One of the few guys that has nothing wrong with him. Right.:roll:

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    YolyC wrote: »
    FieryCurls wrote: »

    What she said...

    Same here. WOW! He's got issues.

    That guy is a piece of work for sure. Who would want to date that?
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    Whoa. That's creepy. :sad8: Wow.

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