Need Help with Article on Nightmare Haircuts

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Hi fellow curlies,
My name is Teri Evans. I'm a writer for and I'm working on a story where I'd love your input. We may include you in the article! I'm looking to speak with curlies who have had a nightmare visit (like the worst haircut) at a salon and are willing to share their experience -- as well as (and most importantly) share the lessons they learned from it. If you have an experience to share, please contact me. My deadline for interviews is July 7, so the earlier we connect, the better. You can reach me at [email protected]. Please e-mail a summary of your experience, along with your email and phone number, and I'll contact you right away.
Many thanks!!
Teri Evans


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    I just had a nightmare haircut. The stylist, who came recommended, assaulted my curls with a razor and cut all my hair off, despite me saying that I wanted to keep most of the length. I was trying to grow my hair into a bob and the mass of hair was getting to be too much for my small face.

    I felt the first razor cut into my locks and it was too late. One side was around the ears, as opposed to over the ears as I had asked. It is clear that this stylist was so excited about the image she wanted to create that she didn't hear anything I had asked for.

    She owns the X-clusive salon in Upstate New York. The owner is nice enough but needs to listen to the customer.
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    I tried to email it you but it did work. So here it is, the condensed version:
    Several years ago I went to get a wash and wear and ended up with the worst hair cut of my life. I was recommended to this stylist by the salon that trains stylist on the technique. I went to her for a breif consultation after speaking with her on the phone. I knew something was going when she refused to rinse the product out. After waiting and waiting she finally washed it out. Soon after she brought out the clipper and began shaving the back of my head. I was in so much shock all I could do is sit there and cry. I was BALD. Well, not totally but it was completely uneven and patchy. I soon realized that if I went to have it corrected by a barber or competent stylist I would be. I was so horrified by the whole ordeal that I could not go to any stylist for six months. The funny thing is she called me a few weeks ago trying to tell me about her new shop. I politely reminded her who I was and what she did to me and asked her not to call again.

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